Choosing a CRO – Avoiding the Trap of Commoditization

We have all embarked on a weekend getaway to a new and exciting destination. The whole process becomes something of a project, and part of the fun is trying to figure out where to eat dinner. You could consult an online travel guide and hit the number one attraction. Although dining at the famous restaurant certainly could work out, you should keep in mind that these types of establishments are called tourist “traps” for a reason.

You might end up with a few cool photographs and a tee shirt (that will run you $35), but what about the hour wait? And what about getting stuck at the table near the door? And even if the food is good, be prepared for some serious sticker shock, and maybe even some buyer’s remorse. In short, you have been commoditized, and you will probably vow not to rinse and repeat that mistake.

How about this plan instead? On the second night of the trip you crave seafood, so you ask around and find out there is a restaurant that specializes in fresh fish dishes. You get there and are immediately greeted with ambiance, not to mention the owners themselves. You can order straight off the menu, or the server will gladly work with you to create your own plate. The food will be excellent, and most importantly, the value of the whole experience will easily exceed the tourist trap.

At Lexitas, we have a unique way of presenting choices for your projects. When selecting a CRO, think of us as the place where all of the local people who “get it” go to eat. We invite you to consider four main attributes when selecting a CRO: expertise, style, attention, and service.

In terms of expertise, we specialize in ophthalmology and can deliver results time and time again. But our expertise goes beyond subject area; we are highly skilled at running effective clinical trials. With style, once again it has more than one meaning for us. We thrive in collaborative efforts, but we are also very successful executing specific prescribed orders; either way we have a “get it done” mentality. As far as attention, know that you will never be commoditized, lost in the shuffle, and jammed in a box. We understand that most partners want projects that are scaled and individualized—and we deliver. Finally—and we consider this a key differentiator—we offer a genuine service mindset. We listen to sponsors and are eager to carry out their decisions.

In choosing a CRO, it is understandable why some decision makers may choose to go with the “big one,” or the one “they always use.” In the same way, it might feel like a safe choice to eat at the restaurant with the biggest billboards and crowds. But one size doesn’t fit all.

For people in the know, we really are the best specialty eatery in town. You will meet our owners, not get stuck at the sketchy table, and our team will cater to your needs. At Lexitas, we focus on understanding our customers, bringing solutions, and valuing relationships. Our expertise, experience, and flexibility allow us to come up with solutions to any challenges, and our relationships with sites can’t be matched. We treat investigators like customers by investing in partnerships, and the measurable return Lexitas delivers certainly stands out compared to larger CROs.

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