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Lexitas is a full-service CRO focused on providing both technical expertise and exceptional service to our sponsors.



We are keenly focused on building and maintaining collaborative, long-term relationships with our sponsors, investigators, vendors, partners and employees. Our vision is to be the best ophthalmology CRO to work with and work for.

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"We are a specialty provider that brings to the table our expertise in both ophthalmology AND clinical trial execution. We are known for our high quality people and tailored solutions for each sponsor. When the industry thinks ophthalmology clinical development, we want Lexitas to be top of mind."

~ Chad Ice, Co-Founder and President, Lexitas

All Under One Roof

December 01, 2020 – 2020 has been a challenging year. There has been a lot of uncertainty, misinformation, and fear. We have, like most of you, been operating in a mostly-virtual existence since March to limit the spread of COVID-19.   Learn more..

Finding Quality Clinical Research Sites
May 8, 2018 – No sponsor ever intentionally selects a site that will do poorly.  No site ever commits to doing a protocol intending at the outset to do a bad job or be non-productive.   Learn more..
Operationalizing a Protocol
March 12, 2018 – You know what you want your study to look like.  You have probably done your homework and know what your competitors have tried, what the regulators are expecting/requiring, and you’ve confirmed that you are aligned with current medical practice and any applicable treatment guidelines.  Learn more..
The Hidden Value of Onsite Monitoring
October 18, 2017 – Ellie Einolhayat, RN, a Lexitas monitor (or clinical research associate) provides insight on the role onsite monitors have in identifying issues with protocol design and other challenges that come with successfully executing a clinical trial.  To learn about this and more, please reach the attached article published in the August 2017 edition of Clinical Researcher.  Learn more..
Lexitas – A Results Oriented CRO Partner
September 22, 2017  – Chad Ice, CEO of Lexitas, discussed the company’s extensive experience in clinical trials.  Learn more…
Lexitas Monitors: Focused on Details and the Big Picture
September 5, 2017  – If you are in the clinical research business (and presumably you are if you’re reading this!), you understand the role of a clinical research associate (CRA), commonly referred to as a monitor.   Learn more…
Choosing a CRO: Avoiding the Trap of Commoditization
July 10, 2017  –  We have all embarked on a weekend getaway to a new and exciting destination.   Learn more…
Networking Makes the World Go Round: Relationships Foster Success at Lexitas
June 8, 2017  – Networking sounds complicated, but it’s not.  You are probably doing it already and may not even know.  Learn more…
One Size Fits None: Internal Focus at the Expense of Customer Relationships
May 1, 2017  – By now everyone has heard about the 69-year-old passenger that was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight. Learn more…
Lexitas Growth
April 10, 2017 – 2017 is proving to be another year of significant growth for Lexitas. Learn more…
5 Yrs & Counting
Jan 16, 2017 – As Lexitas celebrates a big milestone, its fifth anniversary, I wanted to share a little bit about the company… Learn more…
More News
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Sept 16, 2016 – Lexitas Augments Expertise

Since 2011, Lexitas has provided clinical trial services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are developing ophthalmology products. Located in Durham, North Carolina, Lexitas provides expertise in ophthalmology clinical study design and execution.

Lexitas has significant expertise in both anterior and posterior segments of ophthalmology including: dry eye syndrome, meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis , bacterial, viral, and allergic conjunctivitis, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema.