From Patient Care to Research: Dr. Bruce Segal’s Journey

Welcome back to the InFocus podcast series, hosted by Dr. Andrew Pucker, Senior Director of Clinical Medical Sciences at Lexitas Pharma Surfaces. In this episode, Dr. Pucker sits down with Dr. Bruce Segal, an experienced ophthalmologist based in Delray Beach, Florida, to delve into the world of medical research. Dr. Segal shares his journey into research, emphasizing the importance of commitment and dedication. He highlights the challenges of breaking into the research field, noting that sponsors prefer physicians with research experience. Dr. Segal’s first study, an allogandarista study, proved to be a turning point, establishing him as a top enroller and paving the way for his research practice’s growth. The conversation shifts to the key factors that contribute to being a high-enrolling site. Dr. Segal stresses the necessity of a busy medical practice and strong referral sources, emphasizing the need for full-time commitment to research. He outlines his hands-on approach as a Principal Investigator, involving himself in all aspects of the research process to ensure patient satisfaction and study success. Dr. Pucker and Dr. Segal discuss the evolution of his research practice, from a dedicated office with full-time staff to expanding into additional space. Dr. Segal reflects on the symbiotic relationship between his medical practice and research endeavors, highlighting the unique challenges and rewards that research brings. He emphasizes the satisfaction of impacting a larger patient population through FDA-approved products and the stimulating nature of problem-solving in research projects. As the episode concludes, Dr. Segal underscores the importance of balancing clinical practice with research, noting that each complements and enhances the other. The conversation leaves listeners inspired by Dr. Segal’s passion for research and his dedication to improving patient outcomes through innovative medical research. Tune in to the InFocus podcast for more insightful discussions on the world of medical research and clinical trials.

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