Lexitas Clinical Studies – Exceeding Expectations with High Enrollment Success Rates

“With a remarkable 86% of our clinical studies enrolling as planned or even faster, we have set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.”

In our industry, enrolling participants for clinical studies can often be quite challenging. However, here at Lexitas, we’ve made it our mission to stand out from the crowd by developing a process and system that delivers exceptional results. With a remarkable 86% of our ophthalmology clinical studies enrolling as planned or even faster, we have set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness. To put this metric in context, globally 80% of studies fail to enroll on time[1]. 

Not only does our high enrollment lead to higher-quality studies, but it also helps reduce costs, making a significant impact in the field.

Here are three things we do to help drive ophthalmology enrollment: 

1.      Support and engage investigators

One of the key reasons behind our outstanding enrollment success lies in our unwavering dedication to supporting and engaging ophthalmic investigators. We understand just how crucial investigators are in the clinical trial process, and we believe that their commitment and involvement are vital for smooth operations. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive support to our investigators, establishing strong partnerships and fostering a collaborative environment that ensures efficient enrollment.

Investing in the necessary resources and infrastructure, we assist investigators in overcoming common challenges associated with clinical study enrollment. We make sure they receive study materials in a timely manner, provide thorough training sessions, and maintain regular communication channels to address any concerns or questions. By actively engaging with investigators and valuing their expertise, we cultivate a positive working relationship that motivates them to actively seek out eligible participants and adhere to study timelines.

2.      Develop practical protocols with realistic expectations 

Another key aspect of our success lies in our approach to developing practical protocols with realistic expectations. We understand that it’s essential to design study protocols that are scientifically rigorous while also being logistically feasible. By closely collaborating with investigators, we leverage our deep therapeutic area expertise to create protocols that meet these criteria. This ensures that the study requirements can be met within the given timelines, resulting in fewer delays and enhanced recruitment efficiency.

Moreover, our practical protocols not only attract investigators but also foster participant engagement. We streamline the study process, ensuring that potential participants can easily understand the requirements and commitments involved. This transparency and clear communication contribute to a positive participant experience, ultimately facilitating higher enrollment rates.

3.      Utilize data to find patients in rare diseases 

At Lexitas, we pride ourselves on our ability to locate patients for studies, even in rare diseases. Leveraging our deep expertise in ophthalmology, we employ data-driven strategies to identify key demographic factors, geographic clusters, and medical networks that are more likely to have a higher prevalence of target patients. By conducting extensive research and analysis, we can efficiently reach potential participants, expediting the recruitment process.

In addition, we utilize innovative technologies and collaborate with healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups to access patient databases. These valuable resources enable us to quickly identify and connect with eligible patients, significantly reducing the time and effort required for enrollment.

Our exceptional enrollment success rate of 86% speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence in clinical trial enrollment. By supporting and engaging investigators, developing practical protocols, and utilizing data-driven patient recruitment strategies, we consistently deliver high-quality studies and cost-effective outcomes. At Lexitas, we continue to lead the way in efficient and successful clinical trials within the field of ophthalmology. 

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7342339/