As Lexitas celebrates a big milestone, its fifth anniversary, I wanted to share a little bit about the company, particularly why the Founders decided to take on this endeavor and our vision to move the company forward through the next five years and beyond.

Lexitas incorporated in October of 2011, but the seeds were sown long before that. As my 10+ years at Inspire Pharmaceuticals were coming to an end, I had many discussions with my Inspire colleagues Karen Kuhn and Saiid Davari about what was next. We realized that our clinical team had developed extensive knowledge on designing and running clinical trials for treating dry eye syndrome. The more we talked, the more convinced we became that we should start an ophthalmology focused CRO.

When we started planning, we wanted to maintain the strong relationships we had built with investigators, key opinion leaders and industry colleagues over the past 10 years. With everything we learned through conducting clinical trials and working with FDA, we felt confident that our knowledge would be valuable to companies who were developing ophthalmic drugs. We were completely convinced of the importance to be very diligent in hiring the right people so we could create a company with a unique feel; a company that cares for our employees and a company that encourages and enables employees to do their best work.

Thinking about our long-term vision and initial goals – what were they and have we followed through on them? I am very proud of what the team has accomplished. Our long-term vision is to be the best ophthalmology CRO to work with and to work for and we work to achieve this every day. Lexitas wants to be known for understanding our customers, understanding their needs and how we can meet these needs. We also want to be known for our technical expertise. Ophthalmic clinical trials are what we do. It’s 100% of our focus. And as I previously mentioned, we want to continue to strengthen our relationships. These three goals have been instrumental in our initial success. The projects we have won and the work we’re doing today are due to our relationships with investigators and sponsors and our expertise. We are selective about the projects we take on. If we aren’t certain that we can devote the resources to an opportunity and be fully successful, we will pass on the opportunity.

As we celebrate five years of success, we remain focused on our growth and our dedication to future endeavors. We want continue to grow as we have been, measured and controlled. We will continue to build upon our experience and expertise so that we can achieve our vision to be the best ophthalmology CRO to work with and to work for.

Happy Anniversary Lexitas!

Chad Ice, Co-Founder and CEO